How to Play Creative Destruction Game with Ease to Progress Faster

How to Play Creative Destruction

Learn How to Play Creative Destruction Game in order to easily level up the game faster and play it with all the pre-known things.

Although Creative Destruction is a fairly new game in the genre of Battle Royale, it has already attracted hundreds of thousands of players.

Naturally, there’s going to be fierce competition in each round, and if you’re a beginner, the chances are that a top player is going to target you.

Here are some easy ways to start off the game with a passive game plan and level up faster.

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Avoid Duos, Squads, and Fireteams

As you start playing the game, you will be attracted to the prospect of playing in a duo, squad, or in the Fireteam.

However, these are the modes where all the pro groups play. Skilled players always try to earn easy kills by clearing up all the amateurs.

Start by playing in the solo mode where you’ll be matched up against players from your level.

You’ll have a better chance of winning. Plus, you get to hone your skills before you start playing against the big boys.

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Instead of opening up your parachute instantly, pint the direction button towards the area you are targeting while you’re in mid-air to make sure you land in an isolated place.

Parachuting too early makes you a mid-air target for players who have already landed and collected guns. Skydiving helps you get to your desired location faster.

Land Smartly

Land Smartly

Where you land on the map plays a big part in your chances of success. If you spot a player landing alongside you, try to distance yourself so that you have the chance to collect enough weapons first.

Avoid landing on the areas of the map that are marked with treasure chests. These chests give out legendary supplies and naturally attract a lot of players.

Your greed may get you killed in the first few seconds of the game, and you will lose tons of XP.

Always try to land in high places. These places are great for sniping and difficult for other players to reach.

As long as there’s no snowstorm impeding your vision and health, landing on a mountain inside the circle is the best way to spend enough time in the game and collect as many resources as possible.

However, don’t fall from these high locations and self-immolate!

Silent Assassin

Silent Kill

There’s no shame for beginners to be silent assassins. After all, you’re only learning the trade.

Every top player was once a beginner, and everyone must master the art of becoming a silent assassin before they become an aggressor.

Here are three things you need to keep in mind in order to become a silent assassin –

  • Don’t destroy buildings unnecessarily unless you need loot. If you already have sufficient loot, be patient, and try not to make other players aware of your location.
  • Don’t expose yourself unless you are sure that no one will spot you. Attack only when you are sure that there’s no risk of another player spotting you.
  • Looting from the players you kill is risky, as another player may be waiting to pounce.

Now that you know how to play creative destruction game, try to master the art of moving while shooting before becoming an aggressive player. Only after a few weeks of passive gaming, you’ll be able to get the skill set needed to become a pro player. Good luck!

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