Kim Kardashian Hollywood Locations Guide

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Locations Guide

The most important Kim Kardashian Hollywood Locations available in the game that you must know to understand the best virtual places to play in the game.

In the game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood you can do lots of tasks such as taking Selfies, dressing up the character and also find the dates.

Therefore, we can say that the game is totally based in the lifestyle of the celebrities. Once you decide to play the game then there are lots of tasks you need to complete for earning the EXP in the game.

Even on every month you will find some missions in the achievements, so by completing the achievement, players can earn the money wisely.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Locations to Know in the Game

Here are some great examples of the locations that I am going to share in upcoming paragraphs.

California Locations

Before talking about the California Locations, let me explain some facts about the locations. Basically, they are places where you can visit in different cities in the game.

Well, each city has places for you to live, work, socialize and spend the days as celebrity. Hence, in order to get each city, you must have to pay for public transportation.

Paying anything in the game can now be easy when you have lots of free K Stars and Money in the game to use whenever you want. You can have these resources legally by using site online. Try it out.

Instead of this, in the starting of the game, manger of the players will tell you that where your gigs are located but after a long while, he won’t tell you everything in the game.

However, now you need to understand the gameplay perfectly and assume perfectly. Now you can check out the California locations –

  1. Let me star from the Downtown of the LA that include Pop Glam, DuLuxe Lifestyle apartments so that will become your first home.
  2. Instead of this, you definitely like the Hollywood, where you can easily find the Luna Candos and The Brew Palms, CTM Management and earn Publicity.
  3. CALABAS SAS that is also very amazing option for the player so you really like the game so simply check out the amazing Mansion, Significant Other’s House.

Out-of-State Locations

There are some other out-of-state locations that you must like so get ready to check them out. Here I am going to share some great examples of the locations that you must like –

  1. To commence with the Miami where you will find the Airport, LIF, Kardash, Beach House and many other things.
  2. Now the time is talk about the Las Vegas, which is the most famous location so you will find hotels, towers and the luxury Lofts over there.
  3. New York, JFK, SOHO and the TRIBECA are really amazing for the players so you can easily visit over there for enjoying in the game.

International Locations

  1. Players really like to visit at the international locations such as Airport of the PUNTA MITA, MEXICO and Villa, El Canario, Parasio DE Playa.
  2. FRANCE, in which you will get chance to get better outcomes so get ready to take its great advantages so will definitely give you great support to enjoy the game wisely.
  3. London, England, where you can check out the Airport, Club Tulip, London Flat and the Britannia Ballroom as well.

All these great locations are available in the game so you must like it so get ready to visit and enjoy.

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