Slotomania VIP Guide : Everything You Need to Know About Slotomania VIP

slotomania vip

Slotomania VIP is an excellent Loyalty programme introduced by Playtika to boost their 14 million players through excellent benefits. Ever since the social gaming platform has stepped into the slot machine gaming arena, they have introduced many exciting feature and VIP loyalty premium is one of the most beneficial ones for the gamers.

In this Slotomania VIP Guide, we will explain all the features and benefits of it.

What is Slotomania VIP

Playtika loyalty programme is a premium VIP feature, and that is a unified aspect for playing the game or a group of games developed by them. Slotomania is one of the groups of games which has the same benefits.

Whenever you play Slotomania you receive Slotomania Free rewards. These rewards contain status points which are the indicator of which status of the programme you achieve. As you grow your status points, you are promoted to the next tier.


As you start playing the game, you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty programme as a BRONZE status member. Through upgrading your status points, you further reach to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond and Black Diamond.

Slotomania VIP Premium Benefits

Status Points Required to reach15040003000025000020000008000000
Status Points receivedx2x3x4x5x6UNLIMITED BENEFITS
Coin Packagesx1x1.5x2.5x4x7x10
Lucy's FREE Daily gift.250150001000002000005000001000000
FREE Gifts from friends50500200050001000050000
Mega Bonus win x10.
Fan Page Giftsx1x5x20x40x100x200
Share post Giftsx1x3x5x10x20x50
VIP Premium FeatureYesYesYes

How to achieve higher in the Slotomania VIP Status

If you want to reach Slotomania VIP status, the following methods need to be adopted:

Levelling UP

Levelling up in your Slotomania, you can earn status points. As you reach the higher tier, the status points multiplier increases. Follow the above table to know the status point multiplier in each status.

Play the Game

There are plenty of other ways to earn status points in the game and following are the list of a few of them:

Every 300 Eligible Spin100
Every Five level up200
Reach a new Jackpot stage500
Collect your Lotto Bonus20
Collect your Mega Bonus10
Collect your Store Bonus3
Collect your Special Bonus2
Break your Top Win50
Win the Jackpot400

Making in-App Purchases

You can always have in-app purchase from Slotomania store and get the additional bonus Status points. However, if you play the game, the status increase is inevitable.

Slotomania VIP Premium Free Trial

Once you reach Status points 10,000, you get a chance to open a seven days free trial period. In that period, you can experience the complete VIP premium feature for this limited period.

Play other games from Playtika

We have already mentioned early in this post that this Slotomania VIP Premium feature is a unified feature. The feature is a combined effect of your gameplay of games from Playtika.

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So if you play Bingo Blitz, House of Fun, Caesars Casino, World Series of Poker and Bingo Rush 2 you will be collecting status points from all of them. All you need to do is play through the same Facebook account.

How to Install Slotomania VIP Premium (Step By Step Guide)

Here we will provide a roadmap to achieve VIP premium following which you can reach the higher tier of the status points:

Step 1: Make a small purchase in any of them and reach to Silver tier.

Step 2: Download and play Bingo Blitz, House of Fun, Caesars Casino, World Series of Poker and Bingo Rush 2 with the same game account.

Step 3: Play the games for one week and collect the weekly bonus.

Step 4: Spend 300 spins each which will increase your level to 20 so you will receive 20 level up Bonus and 4 Level boost bonus.

Total Status points increase each game is 940. Hold on; you are on silver tier, so you receive x2 Multiplier so 1880 for each game. If you play all the six games, you accumulate 11,280 points. You will reach the Gold status.

Follow step 3 & 4 repeatedly, and no one can stop your journey.

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