Subway Surfers Guide To Gameplay with Ultimate Graphics

Subway Surfers Guide

Subway Surfers is a gem game that changed the whole view of mobile gaming and its era. Check out this subway surfers guide that will help you playing it cleverly.

Before the release of Subway Surfers, there were so many games were in the mobile gaming industry, but none of them gain popularity like Subway Surfers.

It’s a fantastic game with fantastic graphics, and that is what took Subway Surfers to a new level of popularity.

In the growth of the gaming industry, Subway Surfers have helped a lot, and there was a time when people were buying mobile just to play Subway Surfers.

It’s a simple arcade game where players need to run and avoid the obstacles.

There is no ending of the game because players have to make the biggest score of running that shows in the leaderboard of the world.

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Billions of players around the world have played it, and still, after so many years, it is making up its mark in the top gaming of current time.

It is true that time has changed, but still, players are addicted to Subway Surfers, and they play it on a daily basis.

Subway Surfers Guide to Play

There are so many things in Subway Surfers that make it a perfect game among billions of players around the world.

Before you start to play Subway Surfers, you need to know what you will about to see in the game that you will find unique and better from any other arcade game.

Subway Surfers have their own leaderboard where players can see their high running score, and also they can see the score of the world’s top-ranking players and their score.

Main motive in Subway Surfers is that players need to make a high score by just running and avoiding the obstacles.

The obstacles in Subway Surfers are not any simple obstacles, and they are dangerous and very huge to avoid.

Players will have to run on the train tracks in the game, and there, a cop is running behind the main player.

In any condition, you can’t allow the character to be in the hands of the cop because from that, and your game will be over. Here are the best subway surfers characters that you can use in the game: read about them to know more.

Running on Tracks

In the train tracks, trains come from the front side, and you need to move to the left or right side of the lane.

Some trains are standing, and some are moving. You can run on the train, and that can be possible if you see any open train that has a way of moving up.

Collecting coins is the second major thing in the game, and there in the game, so many powers and boosters are available to get a higher number of the booster.

In the boosters, rocket and magnet both are so great because both boosters provide so many coins, and they are totally safe boosters that do not let the player fall in any kind of trap.

Developer has made graphics so great and colorful, so the playing experience enhances so much, and it makes Subway Surfers an all-time favorite game of mobile gamers.

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